Dark Fire (Last Dragon Chronicles #5) by Chris D’Lacey

Title: Dark Fire
Author: Chris D’Lacey
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release Date: July 2, 2009
Other Titles in Series: The Fire Within (#1), Icefire (#2), Fire Star (#3), The Fire Eternal (#4), and Fire World (#6)

Characters: 19/19
Plot: 20/20
Originality: 20/20
Writing: 20/20
Recommendation: 20/20
Overall: 99/100
Source: I own this book

Synopsis: Bestselling author David Rain was lost in the arctic for five years. Now, his daughter, Alexa, has brought him back, but a lot more has returned to Earth with him. Dragons are back as well. And with them is a hidden trace of Dark Fire, the deadliest force in the universe. Life hangs in the balance as David, Lucy, and the Pennykettle dragons must destroy the dark fire before it’s discovered and used to birth a darkling. Yet David’s success could come at a terrible price — the sacrifice of a beloved dragon.

Is David’s power strong enough to protect an entire world, including those he loves and all the dragons, from an evil older than time?

My Thoughts: The fifth installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles is assuredly the most action packed so far. There were quite a few events in this book left me excited, yet thoughtful. I find that Chris D’Lacey incorporates his rich stories with fantastical and sometimes mind-boggling ideas which give his overall writing style a unique twist. Indeed, Dark Fire is a perfect example of such.

Throughout the book, the plot of the series is obviously escalating, almost hinting at an extreme future climax. The excitement is almost tangible. For those who are not offended by spoilers; the most striking or riveting event for me in the entire book would be when the dragon Gawaine (yes it’s spelled with an e) was wakened by Lucy. This was intriguing, especially when the dragon’s urine was added to the mix. Don’t let this turn you down, the inclusion of such topics actually makes the book delightfully witty.

Overall, Dark Fire has definitely been the best of The Last Dragon Chronicles so far. D’Lacey’s writing just keeps getting better and better. He knows how to appeal to his audience, even while writing about confusing topics such as Dark Matter and the mechanics of physics. I also appreciate the fact that he is trying to instill a sense off environmental awareness in his readers. Truly, any fan of Chris D’Lacey will not be let down in the slightest by the stunning content just waiting to be read in Dark Fire. A fabulous author’s ingenuity has expressed itself once again. I must say, bravo Chris D’Lacey!


D’Lacey, Chris. (2009) Dark Fire. United States: Orchard Books.

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  1. I am really looking forward to getting into this series.

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