The Tenth City (Land of Elyon #3) by Patrick Carman

The Tenth City by Patrick Carman

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: 2006
Synopsis Source: Amazon

Characters- 19/20
Plot- 19/20
Originality- 19/20
Writing- 20/20
Recommendation- 20/20
Overall- 97/100 or A

Synopsis: This is it; the final battle. On one side is the evil Victor Grindall and his horrific leader, the imprisoned Abaddon. On the other side is a girl named Alexa, who holds the fate of Elyon in her hands. If good is to win, Alexa must find a way to overcome the Lonely Sea, rescue her friend Yipes, and unlock the mystery of the Tenth City. Along the way, she will be attacked from above, betrayed by someone close, and guided toward a final gambit where everything will be put at stake – and great secrets will be revealed. This is the moment for Alexa to become a true hero…and to discover her real fate.

Review: The third and final installment of the core Elyon trilogy offers a very satisfying continuation to the series. Perhaps the best yet, book 3 reveals many mystical truths about the Land of Elyon. Alexa’s destiny begins to unfold as she fights to rid the world of Abaddon, the source of all evil. She isn’t alone is this pursuit, although. With the help of of her friends aboard the ship, Warwick Beacon, the forces of good may triumph.

The Land of Elyon series is comprised of a core trilogy, a semi-prequel, and the concluding novel. The first three books detail Alexa’s adventures in the Land of Elyon, as she struggles to fight evil. The semi prequel (Into the Mist) takes place directly after the events in The Tenth City, but most of the story is taken up by Roland’s tale of his childhood. The final novel (Stargazer) is of Alexa’s adventure at the Five Stone Pillars where she discovers her true destiny.

Once again, Patrick Carman weaves his faith into his writing. The descriptions of the Tenth City being akin to heaven is the final confirmation of the Elyon-as-God analogy. It is the place where those who have left the realm of the living go to have new and better adventures in Elyon’s own city. Often, Alexa mentions returning to the Tenth City when her own adventures are complete. This gives the entire story an epic feeling.

Unlike the previous installment, Alexa’s character is much stronger. It undergoes a great deal of growth and development and she ends the book both wiser and sadder than she began it. She realizes and understands the power of Elyon as the greatest force of good in the world, and her destiny to be his agent. Alexa learns that the beauty of the Tenth City will be waiting for her. Most surprising, though, is the final revelation about Alexa’s true lineage. She finally learns where her love for adventure comes from. I don’t want to give away any big spoilers, so you will have to read it for yourself!

The third installment of the Land of Elyon series could very well be the best yet. I enjoyed this adventure immensely and will cherish the spiritual impact it’s allegories have had on me. Patrick Carman managed to create a tale that is infused with moral themes such as power, lust, and friendship. Contemporary issues such as respect for the environment also arise in the plot. His characters are very original, diverse, and definitely believable. They have both good and bad qualities. All in all, this a great book which I encourage anyone to read. Although, for the necessary flow of events, I recommend reading the series from the beginning.

Overall Grade: A
A fantastic adventure and diverse characters await readers. Moral allegories such as God and Heaven are infused throughout the writing. It is recommended that the series be read from the beginning. 

Carman, Patrick. (2006) The Tenth City. United States: Scholastic Press.

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