Stargazer (Land of Elyon #4) by Patrick Carman

Stargazer by Patrick Carman

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: 2008
Synopsis Source:

Characters- 20/20
Plot- 20/20
Writing- 19/20
Originality- 20/20
Recommendation- 19/20
Overall- 98/100 or A+

Synopsis: When we last saw Alexa Daley, she had defeated a threat in homeland and was sailing with Roland Warvold across the lonely sea. She had no idea what adventures awaited her until now. After a tragic attack by an evil force, Alexa and her friend Yipes are stranded in a strange community known as The Five Stone Pillars. Each pillar of rock has its own secrets and its own challenges. As darkness descends, Alexa must risk everything to defeat it, even if it means taking to the skies.

My Thoughts: Stargazer is the fourth and final installment of the Land of Elyon series. It concludes the story of Alexa Daley as she struggles to triumph over the forces of evil while finding her true destiny. There are particular reasons why this novel should be commended as an excellent read. It combines unique and strong characters with an intriguing plot. Patrick Carman incorporated a bit of his soul in this novel, as all good authors do. For long-time fans of the series, Stargazer is no disappointment.

The book starts out with Alexa, Roland, and Yipes traveling upon the Warwick Beacon. The majestic ship is traversing the Lonely Sea, on its way to a land other than Elyon. Alexa greatly anticipates what Roland has to show her. The prospect of a new adventure is one she hungers for the most. I can relate to this in the way that I hunger for a good book. Every story is its own adventure. Fantasy can truly bend reality in a way that only readers understand.

When the trio arrives at The Five Stone Pillars, disaster strikes. The Sea Monster, Abaddon, who escaped from his pit of a lair in Elyon, had secretly followed the ship across the sea. Sporting a massive body and tentacles that can electrocute, Abaddon is looking for a new place to call home. And Alexa, Yipes, and Roland led him to the perfect place. In a rage, the sea monster destroys the Warwick Beacon, although an even greater tragedy is soon to come.

Hope seems nearly lost as Alexa clutches the top mast of the sinking ship. She believes her time is up and grief, but not for herself, overwhelms her. Just as her feet near the water below, a figure swoops out of the sky upon a swinging vine and saves her from an almost certain watery doom. Now upon the Five Stone Pillars, Alexa must fight to save the people she has befriended. She must convince them to trust her, and take her word that their home must be abandoned. Making new friends and adventures is only part of Alexa’s life on the pillars. Her destiny calls to her from the sky.

A fantastic and beautiful storyteller, Patrick Carman weaves a tale of imagination and destiny. Stargazer promises much excitement and even more colorful characters than the previous novels. A unique way of writing dominates Carman’s talents: the ability to instill a positive and spiritual outlook on life. This shines most brightly out of Alexa:

“My strength was returning as we went on. It occurred to me than that it was in times of struggle that I found the best parts of myself — courage, loyalty, and an unexpected peace — and I always discovered what I needed to break through and go on.” 

Overall Grade: A+ 
 Stargazer is the fourth an final installment of The Land of Elyon series. It represents the best of Patrick Carman and what the essence of faith and destiny is all about. Readers should look forward to much excitement and beautifully crafted characters.
Carman, Patrick. (2008) Stargazer. United States: Scholastic Press

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