Satirizing Fat America

Throughout the entirety of the western world, corporations and entrepreneurs are heralding the mass adoption of a single moral philosophy: self-indulgence. The lynchpin of these ethically hedonistic nations is none other than the United States of America, where morbid obesity is on the rise. In response to this unfortunate and reprehensible trend, I propose to form a coalition of socially aware and morally concerned individuals to combat self-indulgence in our fair land.

We shall be called the NFFDPA or Network of Fat Fighting Diet Promoters of America. Our obligation to the health of US Citizens is a unifying philosophy our members can rally around. Petitioning Congress and proposing health-conscious policies to the leaders of our great nation is the primary objective of the Network.

The first mandate on our agenda will be to convert all sidewalks between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to treadmills. Sidewalks are normally considered a form of public transit for pedestrians and are typically used to get from one place to another. However, our mandate will change everything. Instead of moving from place to another, pedestrians will remain in a single spot, walking onwards in vain. We believe this plan will work based a recent study unearthing the low IQ scores of American pedestrians.

Our second mandate will be to ban food entirely. Despite the logical errors in our reasoning, the NFFDPA acknowledges that this will successfully solve the problem of obesity within a few months. The rate of obesity has climbed dramatically in the past 20 years, but we believe this trend can be curbed with debatably extreme measures such as a nationwide food ban. Failure to comply with this policy will be classified as a criminal action, and will thus be punishable by law. Criminals may face life-long imprisonment and disembowelment.

The NFFDPA implores Congress to take action and fight self-indulgence in America, one fat cell at a time. With our fairly reasonable plan, the US will be purged of bad eating habits and hedonism. Both mandates should be passed by any and all legal means necessary. Some population decline may occur.

3 thoughts on “Satirizing Fat America

  1. I dunno, population control also a good idea, too many far people moping around complaining about everything. Also, I think we could quite safely ban all fast food. As in, all of it. Yay! Lol….

  2. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea of banning food altogether. It not only would accomplish the very worthy central cause of the NFFDPA, there are additional fringe benefits of such a measure: the freeing-up of much space currently occupied by foul-smelling restrooms and restaurants which could then be put to better use; sparing the lives of many animals now consumed by heartless humans, which could soon lead to the entire planet being ruled by such beings as human population declines – and we all know they’d probably do a better job than we are doing; less highway congestion everywhere, which would lead to cleaner air…and the list goes on! Yeah, I think you’re on to something…!

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