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The University of Missouri is rich with resources and amenities, offering its students a wide-ranging variety of organizations to become involved on campus. Every interest and concern is addressed through the use of these programs in order to better the lives of each individual student among the collective whole of the university. One such organization is the Environmental Leadership Office which collaborates with MU students to pursue environmental issues on campus and abroad. Providing support and leadership opportunities, ELO connects and empowers students to spread the concept and implementation of a sustainable Mizzou.

ELO Ambassadors are tasked with motivating students in Res Life to pursue a greater interest in environmental efforts. Several well-known student organizations are directly advised and hosted by ELO, including the Bike Resource Center and Mizzou Bike Share programs. On top of this, the organization recruits volunteers for Tigers for Community Agriculture and even spends considerable effort supporting the Campus Farmers’ Markets. While the importance of protecting the environment on campus is increasingly recognized, the Environmental Leadership Office continues to broaden its ranks of openminded and concerned students.

Amy Eultgen is the ELO advisor at Mizzou and holds an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Throughout her scholastic years, she worked for the ELO and managed the workings of the Bike Resource Center. Amy believes the greatest achievement of the organization to be:

“…getting students engaged and connecting them with all of the environmentally friendly and sustainable practices on campus, so not only promoting our own programs and our own events, such as the Farmer’s Markets we have, but also connecting them with the Sustainability Office…”

This reflects the deep conviction of the Environmental Leadership Office to connect those Students who truly value and understand the necessity of not only a greener campus, but a greener Earth. There are various components to building a sustainable Mizzou, the greatest of which are the interest and engagement of Campus residents. People comprise the backbone of any successful organization or movement and this knowledge is obviously well-regarded and understood throughout the program. Amy continues to detail the mission of ELO as:

“… just trying to act like a liaison or like a central hub for students who have questions about ways to get involved, and connecting them with Sustain Mizzou.”

The Environmental leadership Office is located on the second floor of the MU student Center in the Center for Student Involvement. Interested students, or those who would like to get involved, are welcome to visit and partake in building a greener campus. Through many different resources, there is a way for everyone to become proactive in creating a safe, beautiful, and more environmentally aware Mizzou.

ELO Website — Meet the ELO Team — Sustainability Office

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