Interview with Myosen Marcia Olsen

It has recently been my pleasure to make the acquaintance of Myosen Marcia Olsen, a Zen Buddhist Priest and author of Experiencing God Through Zen Insight.¬†Through this intriguing book, Myosen endeavors to shed light on the often misunderstood practices of Zen Buddhism. Through her own personal experiences and realizations, the author appeals to readers on … Continue reading Interview with Myosen Marcia Olsen

Interview with L.M. Aldrich

Author: L.M. AldrichPublished works: Legends of the Light Bearer: The story left untoldI would like to express my gratitude toward L.M. Aldrich for this enlightening interview. I am honored to have met her and been able to support her publication of Legends. Indeed, our acquaintanceship has evolved into a friendship, spurred mainly by our contact … Continue reading Interview with L.M. Aldrich