Blogging in Spirit: Discovering Inner Truth

Sharing personal thoughts can be a daunting experience. A common hindrance that many people have to contend with is fear. Fear of judgment, humility, and exposure of someone’s true self are all road blocks in the process of sharing an in-depth musing. The supression of inspiration and creativity is often derived from these fears and can be incredibly difficult to remedy. Fortunately, there is a method that can ease an overburdened mind into a state of fearlessness and freedom that makes it easier to express one’s thoughts: blogging.

When the thought of blogging crosses a person’s mind, it may seem like a very difficult and time-consuming task. It could even arise another fear; the fear of unrewarded hard work and perseverence. Although hard work is necessary when it comes to blogging, it is definitely rewarding. Just having the ability to express a single thought honestly in writing is an amazing step toward the freedom of knowing your true self.

I have always had a passion for writing, yet the bane of my existence is the fear of revealing my true self, or stripping away the facade. I have many things to say, yet I often can’t find the words to say them. I struggled for a short period of time when this fear seemed unconquerable. Then, I discovered blogging, a way to express myself in writing and where I could share it with the people I think my ideas pertain to. Scribing my musings is no problem, and instead of struggling with the overwhelming fear of speaking my thoughts, sharing them is only one ‘publish button’ away. It is a relief in the highest form to know that I am being honest to myself and about myself.

An interest in blogging is a great passion to kindle. The benefits of hard work and dedication are infinite and innumerable. If you are interested in this great way to share your thoughts, than I highly urge you to pursue this yearning to be free. Although you may feel like starting a blog immediately, there are a few things an inexperienced blogger should first become acquainted with.

To start, you should know that there are a tremendous amount of blogs on the internet. These blogs vary in any topic you could imagine. From book reviews to a photography gallary, a blog can contain many random interests of it’s creator, or just one topic. Choosing what you wish to blog about is the first step in actually seeing your ideas in material form. One of the harder parts of making your decision to blog come to life is actually creating the website. You could design your own website through web designing, or you could use a free online website creator, which tends to be a lot easier.

Deciding which free website creator to use should be based entirely on your personal needs. Some free web makers specialise in just one type of website, such as blogging, art gallaries, informational sites, online stores, or social networking. Others specialize in a combination of two or more. Again, whatever you decide to choose should be based on your own needs. If you are an artist and wish to share some of your artwork on your blog, than a web maker that offers photo or art gallaries would be a sensible choice. You can start your research on a search engine such as Google.

After deciding on a free web maker and creating an account, you are ready to begin editing your website. The first step is deciding on a title for your blog. A title that is personal to you, or something that pertains to what you plan to blog about would be the best choice, but the decision is still yours. Just remember, creativity and innovation will always give the best results and capture a reader’s attention successfully. You want to people to stop and show their interest in your blog. They are most likely to read your future posts.

All free website makers have pre-created web templates, which make designing your blog much easier. For now, you can stick with one of these and decide to personalize it later, or you could customize it now. The most important aspect of web designing you should remember is that design should match content. If you plan on blogging about religion, or your path to finding God, then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to decorate your site with scenes from horror movies or gory pictures. Not having a design that matches the content could leave the reader confused or make you look unprofessional. Finding the perfect balance between interest and content is the best way to go about customizing a web template.

Another important aspect of creating a blog is actually making sure you inform readers what you and your blog are about. Adding an ‘about me’ or ‘about this blog’ page to your navigation bar is a good way to write a bit about who you are and what inspired you to blog. Dishonesty is noticeable in writing, so be true about yourself and unafraid of what people may think of you. A truthful, yet far from perfect nature is more attracting than a false, seemingly faultless nature.

Now you are ready to write your first blog post. This can be a very exciting, yet scary ordeal and you could easily convince yourself to put it off for later. Instead of succumbing to the fear, realize the challenge and commit yourself to proving your strength. Reach into your heart, the source of all inspiration, and discover the freedom of being true and honest in character. Find who you truly are and meld it with your persona. Vanquish the facade. You are ready to blog.

The fear of truth may, and probably will, recur after your fingers have ceased their relentless typing. Your blog post is finished, and your mouse pointer hovers over the ‘publish’ button. Your heart rate quickens and your will begins to lose its fortitude. A smothering fear engulfs you and your thoughts whisper, “What if I am judged? What if my writing sucks?” Your resolve is fraying at the edges and your confidence is nearly decimated. How can you go on?

Believe in yourself. The key is behind these words, the key to renewed inspiration. When fear thinks it has won, prove it wrong and let your strength flourish. Don’t hesitate to click the ‘publish’ button’ and send your writing out into the world. Don’t hesitate to show your true self.

In my opinion, the absolute hardest part of blogging is to keep blogging. Don’t let your thoughts go unshared. If you let your blog die, kindling the passion you created it with will be harder to accomplish. But, if you remain dedicated, the rewards will be revealed. As time goes by, it will become easier and your writing will be pervaded with truth and individuality. Sharing thoughts will come with ease and you will become more familiar with other experienced bloggers. There are an incredible amount of directions you could take your blog. You may decide to branch off from the topic of your writing and incorporate other aspects of your musings. Whatever you decide, always be inspired. Find it in your heart, that spark of passion and creativity that everyone has, and share it with the world. Don’t let the fear of being truthful keep you from writing and living in spirit.

-Ival Ty Crisp

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