The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

Characters: 17/20
Plot: 18/20
Originality: 18/20
Writing: 18/20
Recomendaton: 19/20
Overall: 90/100 or A-
Source: Library

Summary- The truth: Nicholas Flamel was born in Paris on September 28, 1330. Nearly seven hundred years later, he is acknowledged as the greatest Alchemyst of his day. It is said that he discovered the secret of eternal life.
The records show that he died in 1418.
But his tomb is empty.

The legend: Nicholas Flamel lives. But only because he has been making the elixir of life for centuries. The secret of eternal life is hidden within the book he protects–the Book of Abraham the Mage. It’s the most powerful book that has ever existed. In the wrong hands, it will destroy the world.

That’s exactly what Dr. John Dee plans to do when he steals it. Humankind won’t know what’s happening until it’s too late. And if the prophecy is right, Sophie and Josh Newman are the nly ones with the power to save the world as we know it.

Sometimes legends are true.
And Sophie and Josh Newman are about to find themselves in the middle of the greatest legend of all time.

Review- This was a pretty decent read that left me eager for the next in the series. The legend of Nicholas Flamel always interested me and Michael Scott’s book helped satisfy my curiosity, even though it is a work of fiction. 😉 Out of all of the Alchemyst’s aspects, I believe I enjoyed the plot above the rest. It was fast-paced, full of action, and not something I read VERY often. I could tell it would be better suited for a slightly younger audience than myself, but I still enjoyed the book greatily.

The accuracy of the many historical references in the story was astonishing. Michael Scott sure knows how to research. All but two characters, the protagonists, were true individuals or mythical figures. That is quite a feat considering the vast amount amount of characters.

The Alchemyst is the first of a moderately sized seriess of six novels. I’m sure each is as good as the first or better. I look forward to to familiarizing myself with more of Micheal Scott’s work and perhaps having the honor of writing a few reviews. 😉

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