We found each other with a smile

that stirred the primal and divine.

Because your insipid—

choice was in me, I’m on cloud nine.

The breath of love is a fog

that shrouds all rhyme and reason.

I know not yet the origin

of this love that committed treason.

I left my mind cowed and betrayed

and kindled my fire within.

My heart is the drum that I beat

To the sound of our love herein.


Our suckled wants
lay exposed on metal,
where surgeons’ tools
reveal their bleeding truth
Synthetic light
glares upon open breasts
Her ersatz smile,
pierced by love’s incision
Through stagnant days
I see you watching and
waiting for my fear
to end this surgery.
Your skin I cut through while
I search for proof.
Will I dig deep
enough to find your heart?

Call of the Sea

One of those good men of the sea
I know that I will never be.

The sea that whispers in my ear
The sea that I can never hear.

Not even one made from my bone
A ship that I will never own.

I am asleep, awake I must
But I cannot for I am dust.

That yesteryear I met my end
Something that will never mend.

By the sea I have been led
To yearn from my eternal bed.

One of those good men of the sea
I know that I was not to be.

-Ival Ty Crisp

Fallen Dreams

My dreams are lined up, upon a wall
One by one they begin to fall
They land with a crash
on my head with a bash
And I begin to feel not so tall

But then I remember not to despair
For life ahead of me is many a stair
I collect my dreams
Stitched back at the seams
And venture out again but with great care

Hope has returned to the depths of my heart
My reason to live is no longer tart
I gather my wits
Though they are in bits
And climb up the wall, as fast as a dart

-Ival Ty Crisp